Work in Progress – Point Cloud Animation


This laser scan for a listed church in Belfast is forming the basis for an exciting regeneration project that will hopefully see the building brought back into use. The project aims to create flexible business units and provide space for social enterprise start ups. More details to follow soon...

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Belfast House Extension


We`d like to thank our client for sending us some great photos demonstrating an interesting lighting installation within their new house extension. This medium size house extension in Belfast has had some creative input from the owner, creating a space that can reflect the mood of the family. We think it’s great and adds some [...]

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Work in Progress – Contemporary House Extension Belfast


Here`s a few quick photos of a contemporary house extension that will transform an old, outdated, semi-detached house in Belfast. The stone and timber cladding are nearly finished and the white render will tie the old and new sections of the house together perfectly.

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Residential Extension or Residential New Build?


When does a house extension become a new build? The question whether to demolish an existing property and replace it with a new build, or whether to extend and transform the original house sometimes is a hard one to answer. If the property has architectural merit, or emotional connections then maintaining the existing and sympathetically [...]

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East Belfast House Extension


Sometimes the simple designs make the most difference. This new extension to a handsome detached East Belfast home in the desirable Wandsworth Road has transformed it from a tired and badly planned house into a wonderful family friendly home. We’re hoping it will be finished within a few weeks but here is a quick picture [...]

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Work In Progress – House Extension Belfast


On site this morning and up inspecting timbers of a house we are extending and renovating. Sometimes you have to strip the existing fabric back to the bare timbers before you start building it back up again. Always try and retain any period features to hold on to that heritage.

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House Extension – Lisburn, Co. Down


Here are some more photos of our Lisburn House Extension. Painting still to be finalised but the zinc cladding is finished and looking great. This small project has transformed how the family use their house and how they interact as a family. Now all family activities are centred around the open plan kitchen dining - [...]

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House Extension Lisburn


We are very excited that the Zinc cladding is finally going on this lovely little house extension Lisburn. We had long discussions with the client to finalise the specification of the zinc and finally agreed to go with Preweathered VMZinc - Pigmento: Blue. This will be a stunning addition to the clients house. Unfortunately the [...]

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How to Keep to Programme


Topics include: Contracts Monitoring Progress Working as a Team Payments Controlling Change Click HERE to get a download link...  

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