Stemming from Belfast Architects C60’s ethos of sustainable design, we understand the value of our built heritage. C60 founder Roger Perrott has completed the Royal Society of Ulster Architects conservation architecture course and is an accredited Conservation Architect on the Royal Institute of British Architects register of Conservation Architects. Roger is a past board member of Institute of Historic Conservation and a member of the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society (UAHS)┬áis also a member of the RIBA Conservation Register steering group. C60 Limited is listed in the Environment and Heritage Service Directory of Traditional Building Skills.

“Belfast Architect C60 providing free advice
to community groups and charities”

We have a pragmatic approach to working with existing buildings ensuring that we find the best value design solution, often bringing new life to otherwise neglected structures. By repairing and conserving old buildings we continually learn about how buildings evolve and develop throughout their life.

In addition to chartered Architects, C60’s experienced Planning Consultants provide expert advice on planning matters relating to Listed Building Consent, working on Historic Buildings and within Conservation Areas/Areas of Townscape Character.

C60 Director Alan Ritchie is a certified Passivhaus designer specialising in upgrading historic building fabric to exceed current building regulations and meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

Successful maintenance and repair of historic buildings depends on a detailed understanding of their construction and materials.

We use our specialist understanding of stonework, brick, timber, slate, lead and other historic materials to accurately record the current condition, identify urgent repairs and define areas for monitoring or future attention.

Through the creation of management and maintenance plans we help building owners to plan the routine maintenance required to look after their historic buildings.
C60 Director Roger Perrott has unique experience having made many successful applications for funding to assist with the repair and upgrade of historic buildings as both a professional and as a client in his former voluntary role as Chairman of Nottingham Civic Society.

We can help you through the application process for a number of potential funding sources including:

We have experience of using multiple funding sources to fund projects as well as match funding and other creative funding processes.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, C60 Conservation Architects in Belfast operate a policy of free advice and assistance for voluntary and charitable organisations seeking funding.
Since energy costs are the major expense in running and maintaining a building, upgrade of insulation and building services is essential to keeping historic buildings in use and ensuring their sustainability for future generations to enjoy.

As Conservation Architects and environmentalists, C60 understand the need for integration of modern insulation and services within a historic buildings. We also understand that this requires sensitive handling to get the right balance between reducing running costs and preservation of important historical features

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