Understanding your needs is at the core of our design process. Before we commence any Architectural Services, we listen. Because every project is unique, we tailor our approach to meet your needs and budget. Key elements of our architectural services include:

Whether you require a major commercial development, a domestic extension or your dream home, understanding what you need and want is critical to successful delivery of your project.

We take great care to make sure that the brief is clearly defined including; key requirements, your likes and dislikes, your budget and your future plans.

It is important that you fully understand our ideas and options as early as possible in the design process. Central to our Architectural Services we therefore use a range of techniques appropriate to each project to communicate our proposals to you.

We stay up to date with all the latest design and visualisation techniques and utilise cutting edge technology to provide industry leading fully immersive virtual reality models of our projects.

As well as allowing you to take a virtual walk around your new home early in the design process the model is accurately  positioned on a model of your site see we can track the movement of the sun, show you where shadows fall throughout the year and perform detailed thermal calculations to minimise the running cost of the final design.

Where a project calls for bespoke components we can generate scale prototypes using 3D printing.

We are acutely aware of rising energy costs, so energy efficiency is central to all our projects.

We believe the best way to save energy (and therefore your money) is to not need it in the first place. For this reason we ensure all our designs make the most efficient use of materials and require the lowest possible amount of energy to run.

We can validate the energy efficiency of proposals using specialist PHPP software.

Through our ongoing working relationships with the Planning Authorities, we facilitate Pre-Application Discussions to ensure applications are tailored to meet the strategic framework. By providing early warning of potential issues, we help address problems before they arise.

Where required we advise on the appointment of specialist consultants. We coordinate their input and compile the planning application.

We pro-actively administer the application process. By monitoring consultee responses, we are able to identify and address issues before they are raised by the Planning Authorities. Where appropriate we actively engage with consultees to address concerns and seek mutually acceptable solutions.

We monitor and assist in responding to any objections, including identification of any valid issues which need to be addressed to obtain Planning Approval.

We work with the Planning Authority in the drafting of conditions and can advise on how best to discharge any conditions applied.

We carry detailed review of statutory compliance for all proposals prior to submission to Building Control for approval.

By getting things right before submission to Building Control, we reduce the need for variations to the contract and give greater cost control to projects.

We can prepare detailed tender documentation and administer the tender process to provide competitive project costing and give you certainty that your project is being delivered at the best possible price.

We use proven contract forms on all projects. These are tailored to the scope of the project and give clarity of the roles and responsibilities of all involved in the project.

During construction we inspect works and monitor progress and provide reports to you outlining any potential issues which need addressed.

We provide monthly certification of work completed to give you assurance that the the standard of workmanship complies with the contract and that any payment made reflects the value of work carried out.

We act as an intermediary between you and the Contractor, formalizing instructions and providing a mechanism by which project costs can be controlled to avoid unnecessary overspend.

Whether heading a multi-disciplinary design team or acting as the sole consultant on a project, we enforce our company quality management system to ensure that you receive the highest possible level of Architectural services.

Our success is based on our track record of customer satisfaction, with the vast majority of our projects being generated from repeat business and referrals.

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