When does a house extension become a new build? The question whether to demolish an existing property and replace it with a new build, or whether to extend and transform the original house sometimes is a hard one to answer.

If the property has architectural merit, or emotional connections then maintaining the existing and sympathetically extending may be the answer. If the property is in serious disrepair or has serious structural issues then there may be no option but to demolish and build a new replacement home.

Residential Extension

A client has approached us to design a large extension to an existing house that, while needs substantial updating, is in good order and has a certain architectural charm. His first question was, does he knock it down and build new or does he extend. While we can only advise, his decision was to extend.

Residential New Build

You can see the existing rear elevation and our proposed sketch proposal for the extension. The existing house is unrecognisable. The new proposal looks like a new build and must deliver all the modern amenities of a new build.

house extension architects

house extension belfast

house extension belfast

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