Thoughtful design means designing to use less, collaborating with the outdoors, using technology to improve quality while reducing quantity, and designing for longevity, flexibility and a joyful living environment. Homes should be built to human scale, using only what is needed, but remaining open and airy. High ceilings, warm materials, clean lines and abundant light are core to our eco principles.
We encourage the use of efficient materials that are renewable and recyclable, as well as materials that are timeless and long-lasting. We use FSC certified woods, reclaimed lumber, tiles and counter-tops made of sustainable / recycled content, and look to Cradle-to-Cradle products as beautiful yet resource efficient, low impact options.
Throughout our projects we design to use minimal energy. We design the building envelop first to require less energy through high-performance insulation and air tightness, mechanical systems, triple pane glass, proper sun-shading systems.
In traditional homes, more than one-quarter of drinking water is used to flush the toilets. We can propose an array of water-efficient technologies and appliances, such as low-flow shower heads, dual flush toilets, rain water catchment systems, grey water systems. We also can implement permeable hard landscaping and green roof systems to help reduce storm water run-off.
Healthy homes are happy homes. We seek to create healthy environments by using non-toxic materials, no and low VOC paints, air filtration and purification systems, natural insulation (sheep`s wool, recycled newspaper). A healthy design continues outside the home with water recycling systems to hydrate plants, native plants that are better adapted to climate conditions and green roofs that help reduce carbon emissions.

Our ‘Eco Principles’ inform all of our projects. Whether we are working on a Low Energy Eco-Home or a major commercial / industrial project, C60 Architects and Town Planners always strive to provide the most environmentally sustainable solution.

“The best way to save money on energy is to use less energy…”

We have a deep understanding of how the design and construction of buildings influences their energy use (and therefore running costs). As certified Passive House/ Passivhaus designers we promote a ‘Fabric First’ approach to a building’s energy strategy.

Well insulated buildings where ventilation is controlled to prevent unwanted draughts can reduce the energy required to heat a normal family home by 75%. The savings can be even more dramatic for higher energy consumers such as care homes. With energy prices rising year on year, the cost savings over the livespan of the building far outweigh the 8-10% increased construction cost.

Before you fit solar panels or erect a wind turbine, follow these simple Eco-Principles to minimise the energy you will need in the first place…

If you have a well insulated and designed home, we can then consider the addition of renewable energy systems such as solar thermal panels, air / ground source heat pumps and photovoltaic panels to boost the performance of your project and create a Zero Carbon Home.