C60 Director Roger Perrott is an RSUA certified Project Manager who has successfully delivered projects of all sizes and across many sectors. Amongst his completed projects are some of the largest and most complex construction projects in Ireland including the construction of Coca-Cola’s all Ireland production facility and the first phase of the redevelopment of Ravenhill Rugby ground. C60 provides a full range of construction programme services direct to Building Contractors, Corporate Clients, Project Managers and to assist in the assessment of claims and legal cases.

Construction Programming Specialist - Belfast

Where project tenders require inclusion of detailed Gant Charts we can provide a quick and cost-effective solution that fully complies with the tender requirements.
Using our experience of both JCT and NEC Contract tendering, we can prepare fully compliant contract programmes including:

  • Key Dates
  • Full logical task linking
  • Multiple Critical Paths
  • Time Risk Allowances
  • Float & Terminal Float
We work with your project team to ensure that progress programmes are kept fully up to date and identify any early warnings that may be required under the contract.
Compensation Events are more likely to be approved when supported by clear evidence of how the  progamme has been impacted. We can provide full programme review to support submissions of Compensation Events and Extension of Time requests.
We can provide forensic programme support for submission or rebuttal of construction claims.

We also accredited under Northern Ireland Queens Bench Division (Commercial) Practice Direction 1 of 2015, and are able to provide representation at hearings or dispute resolution proceedings.


“I have worked with C60 Director Roger Perrott on legal cases where his analysis and opinion has been of the highest standard.”
John Taggart, Stevenson Munn


C60 Specialist Construction Programme Consultants