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C60 Architects and Town Planners have prepared factsheets to address some frequently asked questions and key topics.

Our chartered Architects and Town Planning Consultants are constantly adding to these but if you cannot find the information you are looking for, drop us an email with your query…

Farm Dwelling and PPS21 Advice

Topics include:

  • Replacement Dwellings
  • Conversion of Agricultural Buildings
  • Farm Buildings
  • PPS21 Advice
  • CTY3, CTY4 and CTY10

PPS21 Farm Dwelling GuideClick HERE to get a download link…


Domestic Client Legal H&S Duties

FREE C60 factsheet to outline the basic duties of a domestic client under the CDM(NI)2016 regulations.

Topics include:

  • Appointment of Designers
  • Appointment of Contractors
  • Notification of the Health & Safety Executive

CDM(NI) 2016 Domestic Client AdviceClick HERE to get a download link…


Building Control Advice

Links to Building Control Advice and Factsheets:

These links outline the work which requires Building Control Approval for House Extensions, Loft Conversions and Alterations in Northern Ireland.

C60 Architects and Town Planners can assist you with professional advice and guidance relating how best to extend your home.

Planning Advice

Links to Planning NI Advice and Factsheets:

These links outline where Planning Permission is required and what can be carried out as Permitted Development in Northern Ireland.

C60’s Chartered Town Planners provide Professional advice in relation to all aspects of Planning Legislation including Applications, Objections and Appeals.

How to Write an NEC Construction Programme

Specialist advice on writing and NEC Construction Programme, including:

  • Key Dates
  • Time Risk Allowance
  • Float
  • Critical Path


imageClick HERE to see the article…


Belfast Architect advice

C60 architectural guides and advice factsheets are aimed at those considering construction projects, but may be unsure of the processes or pitfalls. They are based on the collected experience of the Director’s and Staff of C60 Architects and Town Planners in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In these documents we aim to cover the basic points on any given topic.

If you have a specific issue not covered in a factsheet or wish to discuss any topic in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All achitectural factsheets, design guides and advice notes are provided for information purposes only.

As legislation can change you should take professional architectural and town planning advice before commencing any construction project.

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