Minister of the Environment Alex Attwood has concluded his review of Planning Policy Statement 21.
The review has not proposed any change to the Policy implemented in June 2010.

“In summary, this operational review into PPS21 has both identified and addressed how there can be more consistency, opportunity and flexibility in the application of PPS 21 policies. I believe that my interventions are bearing fruit. PPS 21 is working much more effectively now and I remain more satisfied that it is fundamentally the right policy and enjoys widespread support. My own experience is that the volume of concerns raised to me personally on the operation of the policy is much reduced. Nevertheless, I will continue to keep under close scrutiny the operation of PPS21 in order to ensure that it is properly and consistently applied going forward. This is an update on the operational review. The review is a real-time, real life mechanism. It will continue. The issue of a fundamental review, in my view, does not arise, certainly at this time.”
Alex Attwood, Minister of the Environment