C60 were delighted to be invited by the Wilson Group to present and discuss some of the key policies that are facing the construction industry. Wilson Group have three divisions covering healthcare, property development and construction. Both the Zero Carbon Policy and BIM will effect all three of their core divisions and effect their competitiveness moving forward.

“Companies need to be innovative when planning for the future so it makes a lot of sense for a Contractor like Wilson Construction to plan for these changes in consultation with other Construction Professionals who are facing similar challenges. As an Architect with a keen interest in Passive House design and BIM I was happy to present on these two important issues.”

Zero Carbon Policy

In 2006 the UK Government announced a 10-year timetable and a target stating that, by 2016, all new homes must be built to Zero Carbon standards. A low or zero carbon design refers to a building that has a negligible or zero net energy consumption in one year.

The three strategic design approaches for complying with Zero Carbon are:
A. Balanced approach
B. Extreme Fabric Approach – Passive House?
C. Extreme Low Carbon Technologies

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the latest buzz in architectural design and drafting. On 31 May 2011 the Cabinet Office published a report announcing the Government`s intention to require collaborative 3D BIM (with all project and asset information, documentation and data being electronic) on its projects by 2016.

“There is a perception that BIM is only used by large companies on complex, high profile, multi-million pound projects for large scale clients. But that`s not the case. You don`t have to be big to “do” BIM.
After all, we are a small practice whose projects range between £150,000 and £5 million. And yet we use BIM to great effect because the principles apply equally to all sizes of projects.”



If you are interested in finding out any further information on the Government`s Zero Carbon Policy, or BIM please contact us.