A week of work experience working at C60 Architects and Town Planners

My name is Juliette Moore and I am currently two-thirds of the way through a 3 Year BSc in Architecture at Queen’s University Belfast. I am always keen to gain more experience outside of the university course to learn more about what architects actually do and how different architectural practices function. I was lucky enough to be able to have a week of work experience at C60 Architects and Town Planners and I found it really useful to learn about how the practice works and the outcomes they create.

The importance of presentation and representation in the practice was evident, with a focus on ensuring that the client can fully understand the spaces that are being designed, and the atmosphere that they will create, with renders emphasizing what the spaces shown in the conventional plan, elevation and sectional drawings are actually like. As well as this, I was really interested to learn about the design process for different projects, from considering the context and the client’s wishes to other elements such as materiality, which too influence the design.

For me, it was also particularly helpful to learn about which computer programs the practice uses and how they use these to produce final renders and images of their projects. I did some tasks using programs that I had not used before and being able to ask questions and learn how to work the basics was really helpful and I think will really benefit me next year at university.

Overall I had a really interesting and enjoyable week and have gained valuable first-hand experience of how the architecture practice works. C60 have an explorative attitude to their design process and delivery of the service to their clients which has inspired me to further investigate how I can present my college work to better explain my projects to tutors and peers within my course.

I hope this is not my last experience working with C60 and I will be keeping a close eye on how their current projects develop, as well as their future work.