C60 Architects have been leading the way in the development of Virtual Reality as a design tool since the company formed nearly 4 years ago. Where others use 2D plans and elevations, C60 Architects have always known the benefit of being able to look around a virtual model to inform the design process. That is why we always design in three dimensions. No matter how large or how small the project, we always create a 3D model which can be viewed in virtual reality.

Historically we have used our top of the range graphics suite to view these models. However, we want the design process to be as collaborative as possible and have been looking for ways to make these highly detailed and engaging models more widely available. With this in mind, we have now rolled out a new way to access these virtual models from the comfort of your own home!

C60 Architects have been giving our clients their own VR goggles which let you access the virtual model of your design on our dedicated servers through your own smartphone. This means that you can view and share your ideas with friends and family anywhere you have a a wifi or phone signal.

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