Belfast Garden Development – Work In Progress


A number of developers are now starting to re-engage with the market and are looking at small sites, previously not regarded as possible. With our combined experience in architecture and town planning we advised our client on how best develop this small site. "garden development" This site within Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council, has great [...]

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First Planning Offices Announced


As April 1st fast approaches and the once centralised planning department transfers its power to the new super councils, the fog is clearing and we are better understanding where, what, why and how this power transfer will effect planning in Northern Ireland. Following the approval of Commencement No 2 Order by the Assembly in January, [...]

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BIM for Developers (and Town Planners)


Building Information Modelling is the talk of the construction industry, with much of the development concentrating on the construction process. But what if you start thinking in BIM earlier, much earlier... A new application from Flux called Metro takes the principle of taking multiple data sources and combining them in an urban planning and site [...]

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Living Places


DOENI recently concluded consultation on "Living Places" the new Urban Design and Stewardship Guide for Northern Ireland. "C60 comment on Living Places Design Guide" The guide attempts to bring together the principles of design and management of Urban spaces and the importance that both quality stewardship and design have in planning and the contribution they [...]

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