Using Virtual Reality to help those with learning disability


Belfast based C60 Architects have been appointed to help Mencap in the development of Virtual reality (VR) tools that replicate a real environment (or create an imaginary setting), and simulate the user's physical presence in this environment. Through the project Mencap wants to explore how VR technology can be used to support the facilitation of [...]

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Passive House in Northern Ireland


We are very excited to be attending the Towards Zero Carbon Dwellings - Passive House in Northern Ireland briefing tonight at Ulster University. This is guaranteed to be a really interesting briefing on the future of building in Northern Ireland both from a technical and a political perspective. It will include talks on Passive [...]

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Virtual Reality – Project Visualisation


We`ve been developing some fantastic Virtual Reality ways for our clients to experience their building before it leaves the drawing board! Using VR our clients can experience their projects and make design decisions before works start on site. C60 Architects and Town Planners are constantly innovating and leading the way in the latest VR [...]

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Strategic Planning Policy Statement for Northern Ireland


The Department of the Environment's 'Strategic Planning Policy Statement for Northern Ireland' - Planning for Sustainable Development (SPPS), has been published in final form following a period of extensive engagement with key planning stakeholders. This publication sets out the Department’s regional planning policies for securing the orderly and consistent development of land in Northern Ireland [...]

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Architect Expert Witness Accreditation


Since 1 June 2015 the High Court of Justice in Northern Ireland Queens Bench Division (Commercial) Practice Direction 1 of 2015, took effect, replacing the previous Practice Diection 6 of 2002 "Commercial List Practice Direction: Expert Evidence." One inclusion ing the new Practice Direction is the expectation that expert witnesses will be suitably accredited. "...the [...]

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