At this afternoon’s seminar run by the NI BIM Hub, Tina Pringle – NBS Head of Technical Information ran through what we can expect from the NBS BIM toolkit and outlined the areas still being refined.

“The completion of the Digital Plan of Work and classification system will not only complete the Level 2 BIM suite but help drive the take-up of BIM, support exploitation of the standards and ensure that the UK remains at the vanguard of a digital transformation in the built environment.”

David Philp, Head of BIM Implementation, BIM Task Group

The NBS BIM Toolkit is the output from a competition run by Innovate UK to provide a standard system for the managment of the workflow within BIM projects, and provide a Digital Plan of Work and standardised classification system, ‘Uniclass2015.’

Drawing from the RIBA Plan of Work 2013, as well as RICS and NBS classification codes, the tool aims to bring together many of the disparate elements that form the BIM workflow. Crucially the NBS BIM Toolkit is to be free at point of use, which could be key in helping to drive uptake.

The interface draws from social media and hopes to make the toolkit easy to understand and use, with openness and colaboration at the heart of the use of the toolkit.

The public beta version of the toolkit is due to go live towards the end of March 2015, at which point the industry will get its first chance to use and comment on the toolkit.

C60 Architects and Town Planners is working with its partners to develop and refine our own BIM workflow. We are always keen to find like mided partners, so if you are integrating BIM into your supply chain, get in touch to find out how we can work better together.