C60 Architects are amongst industry leaders promoting the use of Immersive Virtual Reality presentations. Through the use of highly detailed VR tours, the viewer can be inserted into almost any environment, including renders of proposed developments.

As well as rendered concept and presentation models of design proposals, C60’s capabilities also include photographic tours of completed projects. These presentations can be viewed anywhere using a smartphone,  tablet or PC using any standard web browser. There is no need for dedicated hardware / software or costly ‘Ap’ development.



C60’s VR services provide fast, cost effective solutions which far exceed the online impact of traditional 2D presentation techniques. What’s more, the technology available is evolving constantly with almost boundless possible applications.

C60 is working with other industry leaders to utilise Immersive Virtual Reality across many sectors. With our partners we are seeking to improve communication and provide interactive access where it would previously have been extremely costly or even impossible to explore.

Exciting new Immersive Virtual Reality developments…

To further enhance the experience we are also able to make real-time design changes in the virtual world, through the use of our state of the art Immersive Virtual Reality Technology. This allows a truly interactive design process where decisions are based on a full understanding of the proposed space.

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“The VR allows us to bring a development alive. In a way it’s like taking the purchaser to the movies and selling them their dream. With competition in every sector of business, using VR gives the developer an advantage on house sales and also it’s a great design tool if used early in the process.”

Director of Springfield Developments.