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CDM(NI)2016 – Domestic Client Duties


CDM (NI)2016 which comes into force on 1st August 2016 makes a distinction between CDMNI2016 domestic clients and commercial clients. A domestic client is any individual who has construction work carried out on their home, or the home of a family member. Such work must not be done for or as part of any business. [...]

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Domestic Client Legal H&S Duties


FREE C60 factsheet to outline the basic duties of a domestic client under the CDM(NI)2016 regulations. Topics include: Appointment of Designers Appointment of Contractors Notification of the Health & Safety Executive Click HERE to get a download link...  

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Principal Designer – CDM(NI) 2016 UPDATE


The revised Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (NI) 2016 finally come in to force on 1 August 2016. The main change will see the abolition of the CDM Coordinator, with the role replaced by that of Principal Designer. The regulations are also exended to include domestic projects which had previously been exempt. The regulations are [...]

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Principal Designer – CDM 2015 Northern Ireland


Consultation on proposed revisions to the Construction (Design Management) Regulations in Northern Ireland are set to conclude on 25 March 2015. The revisions mirror changes to the UK regulations which come into force there on 6 April 2015. It is anticipated the Northern Ireland version of the regulations will be brought into force in late [...]

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Roll-Out of NBS BIM Toolkit


At this afternoon's seminar run by the NI BIM Hub, Tina Pringle - NBS Head of Technical Information ran through what we can expect from the NBS BIM toolkit and outlined the areas still being refined. "The completion of the Digital Plan of Work and classification system will not only complete the Level 2 BIM [...]

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How to write an NEC3 construction programme…


The latest edition of Northern Builder magazine contains an article by C60 Architects and Town Planners director Roger Perrott. The article includes expert advice on how to ensure construction programmes are accepted by the Project Manager, with information on: Key Dates Time Risk Allowance Float Critical Path   C60 provide specialist consultancy to assist contractors [...]

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House extension – South Belfast


We couldn’t wait to show everyone our latest completed project, a beautiful house extension in South Belfast. We will be updating the site with final photos in the next week but here are a few quick snaps taken at the Practical Completion site visit. This project took a great deal of effort and skill to [...]

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How to Keep to Budget


Topics include: Planning Project Estimates Setting a Contingency Contract Forms Controlling Change Click HERE to get a download link...  

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How to Keep to Programme


Topics include: Contracts Monitoring Progress Working as a Team Payments Controlling Change Click HERE to get a download link...  

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Coca-Cola Flood Defences Completed


C60 is delighted to have just issued practical completion on major flood defence works to the Coca-Cola production site at Knockmore Hill, Lisburn for the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company. The project was delivered below the project budget despite the addition of significant landscape works and without any reduction in project scope or quality. Initial concepts [...]

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