C60 is leaving behind its infant years and reached the grand age of four years old.

Thanks to all our friend and clients for their continued support which has helped us grow and develop. We love what we do, and in the last four years we have seen massive changes in the way buildings are designed, using virtual reality to bring ideas to life and better involve our clients in the design process. Roll on year 5 and seeing more of the exciting projects we are working on being brought to life!

According, to mumsnet.com we have now reached a few developmental landmarks…

She can hold a pencil well, can copy a cross and square, and can draw a man with two to four parts rather than just a big head. She may be able to print some letters if you show her how to do it. Her judgement of what is longer and bigger also gets better.She will know which is higher out of a tower with three blocks and one with five. She will also be able to judge which is the heavier out of two bricks.

Luckily we should now be able to understand time and the concept of something being in the future (Handy when programming a construction project…) There is still apparently the risk of the odd tantrum but we should be able to do sumersaults and have got better at dressing ourselves.